Innovation and sustainability as a foundation

Innovation and sustainability. These are two concepts that are inextricably linked to Nedato and that have been anchored in our cooperative's operations since its establishment.

Nedato growers are carefully selected based on their knowledge and expertise in cultivation and compliance with sustainable production. This translates into a very conscious approach to choosing fertilizers and crop protectors as well as structured operations following a system of controlled cultivation and minimum resource usage. Choosing the right type of potato and a selection of growers using clay, applying controlled cultivation and optimised involvement, will create an harmonic feeling for the natural aspects of a potato product.



Innovation takes place along the entire Nedato supply chain. It begins with testing new varieties in test fields, applying innovative techniques such as GPS satellite image controlled fertilization and using a fully automated cultivation information system. But it is also reflected in our choice of the latest, most environmentally friendly packaging materials, our use of solar panels for energy supply, employing a water supply that does not use tap water, as well as housing a modern laboratory and experimental kitchen.


Exceptional results

Our efforts in terms of innovation and sustainability have resulted in quite a few remarkable figures. Helping us become the only company in our industry to achieve Level Three on the CSR Performance Ladder, meaning that our growers in the Netherlands use significantly less pesticide. And that we ensure 100% waste separation and 100% green energy usage. Results that make us proud.



In consultation with the client, our potatoes are sustainably packaged using recyclable, degradable or natural materials. The principle here is to minimize the amount of packaging as much as possible in order to maximize our contribution to food safety, the environment, quality and consumer convenience. The development and use of laser perforated foil allows us to extend the expiration date of our products, thereby further reducing waste and spoilage.



Nedato works hard to reduce energy consumption in production. Rather than using tap water for washing potatoes, we use spring water through a filtration and recirculation system. Nedato uses 100% green energy and ensures 100% waste separation. 15% of our energy is obtained from our own solar panels. We already comply with all of the government objectives for renewable energy proposed for 2020. We hold an ISO 14001 certificate, are members of the Skylark Foundation and participate in field margin and clean water projects with the "Waterschappen" water management authorities, among others. We do this not only because our clients expect it of us, not only because we feel committed to complying with future regulations, but because we share a genuine passion for a green, environmentally friendly world.



Nedato monitors food miles, the distance food travels, in a number of different ways. Nedato is located right in the middle of the potato growing region, meaning that the potatoes only travel a short distance to our packaging department. In addition, cultivation and storage have been improved to such a degree over the past few years that it is possible to work almost entirely with Dutch potatoes year-round. As a result, the importation and long-distance transportation of potatoes in the summer months can be held to a minimum, thereby reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.