Quality and food safety are rigorously guaranteed

Nedato is committed to quality and food safety assurance. In terms of cultivation, business, end product, as well as tracking and traceability.

Clients, consumers and authorities are justified in their demands for food safety. To ensure this quality, our GLOBALGAP table potatoes are certified and each of our processing potato producers hold a food safety certificate. According to the General Food and Feed Law, companies must be able to trace the delivery of their products one step backward and one step forward, within a four hour time period. This is completely guaranteed at Nedato.

The production department of Nedato is BRC Food certified. BRC Food is a UK standard that is based on the HACCP principle. In addition, Nedato has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999, we have installed an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 requirements and we are the leaders of our industry on the CSR Performance Ladder.









We are also registered at the Supply Chain Initiative, an European initiative to promote fair business practices in the food supply chain.