The core of our organisation

Growers form the core of our organisation: which is why we maintain an in-depth communicative approach and continuously exchange information with them. Nedato advises the growers on choice of potato variety, cultivation, harvest and storage. We support platforms that facilitate knowledge exchange, we offer a guarantee of sales and we reward quality. In order to ensure the pursuit of a common goal for over 50 years: delivering top-quality potatoes at market prices.



Because Nedato deliveries are based on market demands, our growers can produce with a purpose and conduct their acreage planning accordingly. The result is a potato crop available year-round, with a tangible and verifiable origin and quality.

Cultivation planning is created on the basis of a system of controlled cultivation with the minimum use of resources: optimising cultivation leads to maximum quality and harvests. Via GPS and satellite images, we investigate the possibilities for site-specific fertilization. Varieties of the future are tested in test fields, where the top scoring varieties are selected based on storage, cooking and taste tests.



By cultivating early varieties, Nedato has continuous direct access to fresh potatoes from the growers. These are only briefly stored and dried in order to prepare them for processing.

Starting in October and until the end of June, potatoes of the later varieties are stored in depots. To prevent aging and deterioration of quality as much as possible, potatoes must be allowed to rest and kept at a constant temperature of 6 to 7 degrees Celsius. Nedato utilises a mechanical storage system for this purpose and places high demands on grower depots in terms of temperature, lighting and humidity



Our field service specialists are well-trained and experienced in the field. They advise growers according to their specialisation and help ensure that they can get the most out of their business. Together with the growers, they conduct quality controls, discuss results, and help growers to further improve upon their successes.

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