Potato Imports

Your top choice for importing potatoes is Nedato, the Dutch potato organisation with 500 growers delivering only the highest quality potatoes. Our World Class Potatoes are cultivated in the best clay and sandy soils the world has to offer. An increasing number of global companies are importing our top-class potatoes: white or red-skinned, with a white or yellow flesh colour, firm or floury, washed, virtually soil-free or unwashed, large or small. Fresh from the fields, cultivated with respect for both the environment and the product itself, and delivered all across the world at a fair price. Nedato's selection of import potatoes is extremely varied and especially focused on your wishes retail, food service and the processing industry.

Choosing to import our potatoes means choosing from a complete product line and clear-cut concepts. Specific client requests are linked directly with our available stock, allowing us to deliver your products even faster. Our assortment of packaging options for import potatoes is incredibly diverse. You can choose for the 1,250 kg bulk packaging; jute packaging of, for example, 10 or 25 kg; red or yellow net packaging of, for example, 10 or 25 kg or for one of the many other alternatives. Each year, approximately 100,000 tons of Nedato potatoes are exported all over the world.