On 15 November, Werner Verschueren, fieldworker at Nedato, attended the symposium 'Towards climate-proof agriculture 2025' at the Rusthoeve in Colijnsplaat. What can we expect in the future and what can we do against this, was the central question.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that climate change is going on and that our sector must also think about solutions. But how can we take into account both flooding and water shortages? All existing possibilities are listed, but also innovative thinking directions have been appointed. More worms in the soil (vertical drainage) and use of drainage in the reverse direction (getting water through capillary rise in the root zone) are just a few examples. This theme will undoubtedly be on the agenda more often.

This subject is also high on the agenda of Minister Schouten as can be read in letter of last Friday on the drought of last summer. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is working on a multi-year action program to better equip farmers against weather extremes. Topics covered in the program are the availability of fresh water, heat stress, water-retaining ability of the soil and how farmers can learn from each other's experiences. The action program will be ready before the summer of 2019.

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