The top of the potato branche

With an annual sale of around 400,000 tonnes of potatoes, Nedato is at the top of the European potato industry.

In addition to selling, processing and packaging consumption potatoes for retail, food service and export, Nedato also delivers top-quality potatoes intended for the European processing industry.



Year-round, the best quality potatoes. Fresh from the field, cultivated with respect for our products and the environment. Fast delivery, worldwide Our global client base is expanding every year for very good reason.

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An unparalleled selection of potatoes. In all shapes and sizes. The secret to perfect chips, crisps or mash... Super potatoes, delivered at market price.

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For over 50 years, Nedato has been delivering a wide range of top-quality potatoes. Supermarkets, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and caterers prefer Nedato's World Class Potatoes

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