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Nedato's quality potatoes are always available. By constantly adapting to market demands and creating client dependent acreage planning, we have vastly expanded our export selection in recent years, becoming even more competitive on the market. The result is a comprehensive product line and clear concepts. An innovative database storing all of our potato characteristics allows us to link client requests directly with stock and increase the speed of our deliveries.



Our Big Grillers are supersized floury potatoes, especially suited for stuffing and roasting. They have an incredible taste and texture and are available year-round in four different sizes and weights, each with its own distinctive box. The Megas (450 gr) come in a blue box, the Supers (325-450 gr) in green, the Middle Grills (275-325 gr) in red and the Mini Grills (225-275 gr) in yellow. We also deliver our Big Grillers in blank boxes or tightly woven 10 kg and 25 kg Grillata sacks 


As the perfect solution for storing our Dutch potatoes, try our authentic 5, 10 or 25 kg jute sacks. All of our jute sacks come with a sewn-on label containing all relevant information regarding traceability. It is also possible to order a personalised sack from Nedato. 


Polynet packaging from Nedato is available in standard volumes of 5 and 25 kg in either red or yellow. There is plenty of room on the provided label for all relevant product information regarding traceability. 


The ideal large packaging solution for potato import packaging plants. Available in bags of 1000 or 1250 kg. 


1 potato, 4 ways to prepare. The 4in1 is ideal for cooking, mashing, frying and baking. Our 4in1 is available in a variety of packagings: the vert bag, D-pack, plastic bag or cardboard box: from 1.5 to 5 kg.


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