Nedato has approximately 10 varieties available for the processing industry. Selected for their baking quality, baking colour, taste, size, length and grade. Sophisticated acreage planning ensures that we are able to deliver the best value for money year-round.



The Innovator is the chosen variety for fast food chains worldwide. Ideal for typical fast food chips and especially recognised for its taste and length. The Innovator can be processed between November and June and is cultivated in traditional Dutch clay soil.



The Fontane is the basic variety used in the processing industry. Great for making the most delicious chips. And renowned for its high yield and large grade. The Fontane grows best in sandy Dutch soils.



The Markies are the ideal variety for the chip industry. Even at the end of the season, Markies retain their outstanding baking qualities. They are processed between April and the end of July.



The Agria is ideal for the fresh chip industry or other processed products. The Agria is especially popular in Southern Europe.



The Challenger is a fairly new variety and can be used as a substitute for the well-known Bintje. The Challenger is a potato used for basic frying and because of its smaller grade, is also ideal for potato slices or hashbrowns.


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